How Zinip can help

Connect with Friends and Share Recipes

  • Easily share your recipes with friends on Zinip.
  • See what your Facebook friends have scheduled for dinner tonight.
  • Request the recipes that interest you from friends.

Talk to Amazon Alexa about your recipes

  • Alexa will tell you and your family what’s for dinner tonight.
  • In the future, Alexa will help you make your recipes.
  • Install “The Zinip Chef” Alexa skill to get started.

Schedule meals from Your list of recipes

  • Use your own recipes, or take a couple of ours.
  • Shopping list combines all the the ingredients from the recipes you select.
  • Make meals that you know your family will eat.

Organize all your recipes in One place

  • Fast search your recipes by category, name, or ingredients.
  • Categorize recipes using up to 20 categories per recipe.
  • Combine all those Pinterest, Facebook, and other recipes into one place.

Save time planning, organizing, and shopping

  • Combine ingredients from the recipes on your schedule into one shopping list.
  • Automatically schedule a 2-week meal plan with a few button clicks.
  • Import your shopping list into online grocery websites.

Auto-Schedule meal plans based on your preferences

  • Decide which days, meals, and categories you want to schedule.
  • Use 3 simple steps to set up how your meal plan should be generated.
  • Save time, effort, and brain power by letting Zinip pick recipes for you.

Shopping list made from Your recipes

  • Click on which recipes you want to add to your recipe list.
  • If possible, the same ingredients from multiple recipes are combined.
  • Quickly check off what you already have, and be left with what you actually need.

Send your shopping list to online grocery checkout

Keep more money in your pocket

  • Cook meals you like and know (no weird ingredients).
  • Compare grocery prices online with online grocery shopping.
  • Because you have a plan, you may not resort to eating out.

Your Zinip account is free

  • There will always be a free account that will continue to get new features.
  • Currently, there are no premium account options or advertising.
  • We’re looking for people who find value in Zinip and will share it with their friends.